Hi, I am Kate

My Story Starts Here

Ocean Blast Photography officially started April 1st 2019, it my little April Fools Day start date business. Which is why I have decided to launch this website April Fools Day 2021 and I am super exited it's finally here.

  • The story of a photographer

I always had a camera in my hand. My dad always would take videos and made me take videos of the family too so he could be in them. I love going over photo albums and just look at the pictures, there is so many moments I don't even remember as a child but the photos bring memories back. I still remember going to Walmart getting my film developed and putting my pictures in an album, that then switched to having images stored on USB sticks. Please print your pictures and put them in an album or make the photo books, USB's get old too and can damage your file and your images are gone forever, yes it happened to me.

How did I start my path as a photographer you wonder? Well other than my dad always taking videos, my father-in-law has a Nikon camera and my step-father-in-law uses a Canon camera. One day my step-father-in-law sends me pictures he took of the kids over Christmas 2018 and I then send him picture I took with my iPhone saying that my phone takes good pictures too ha ha right? Instead of being offended he said I have a good eye for picture taking, yeah ok I think. I mean yes I like taking pictures to capture memories. Before using my phone I had and still have my two Panasonic digital cameras. In November 2018 my step-father-in-law gave me a used Canon 3Ti camera to start, so having the camera I may as well use it so I take pictures here and there at home of my kids and husband. Then in April 2019 I told myself let give it a go and in my first year I took pictures for free to build my portfolio, and here were are today. My clients most comment is that I am patient, I think you should know that I am a full time Early Childhood Educator in the kindergarten class so that helps.

  • My style:

I am all over the place, it all depends on the season and vibe the session gives me. Mostly my style is vibrant but I also like light and airy.


Mellisa & Shawn

“Ocean Blast Photography was the company I used for my wedding and my bridal shower and my husband and I could not be happier with the outcome of our photos! Kate was so pleasant to have at both our events, she goes out of her way to get the perfect shots and is super punctual and flexible. I would definitely recommend her and will be using her services again in the future. Kate also gave us our photos in a very timely manner and in a very professional fashion. Thank you so much for your work Kate!”

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